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Wine and Whiskey

This is a post about some of the crazy drinking binges I’ve been on and unbelievably somehow made it to where I am now. I think that from an early age I started drinking and smoking, and I never really thought much of it until my early 20s when I really started wasting the days and missing out on some serious opportunities. Not only did I miss out on opportunities because I was drunk or hungover, but I also missed out on opportunities because I quite possibly burned a bridge or two or thousand. I am not sure what it was but I wasn’t finding my crew. I mean I wasn’t finding the group of people that made me feel good and made me comfortable with being me, and if I did per chance find those type of people, I usually corrupted it with too much alcohol. At the end of the day, I guess I was just too lazy to work through my anxiety and really try to build good friendships that weren’t tied to alcohol. There were actually a few years of my life that I spent putting off friends and alcohol and there were a few years of my life that I spent just putting off friends.

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