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Another Post To get the writing jitters out

There is no Lorem Ipsum here. Just the fastest posts and quips that you have ever encountered. What are quips you might askā€¦ well let me tell you that the quips we use are the quips that are sometimes seen on the TV. Is this page irrelevant? Well, hell yeah, but it is also a place for me to type some things out and get a lot off of my chest. Especially how bad I am at typing and how inadequate it has me feeling at work. I feel that my typing is getting better but there are so many things that I feel like I could have done better and that I should have known how to do from the start. Unfortunately, I am still lagging in a lot of areas, and it is obvious from the way that I don’t want to push too many buttons that I don’t feel too comfortable with all of this tech. I guess that I still have that mentality of don’t try too hard or you might break it. I need to figure out why there are still so many thoughts in my head when I feel like I should already know where all of these things are located, things like the letters and which key they are located on.
Today is a new day and we will rise to the challenges set before us.